Speaking engagements

Full of thought-provoking insight, Tom speaks on how to innovate, drive value, and create positive impact.

Tom leads change and coaches major family groups, high-performing teams and individuals Australia-wide.

Tom is a business specialist that creates postive transformation across ventures and people for a better world.

As a speaker, he is sought after for entertaining presentations on purposeful innovation, the harsh reality of business and how to thrive.

Keynote Topic 1

Innovating with Purpose.

Uber, Slack, Apple, Spotify they all were startups that became Unicorns. Ultimately what helped them scale, innovate and maintain competitive advantage is the purpose which they held and still hold to today.

Purpose defines the role they want to play in the future they aim to help shape. It is driven by a desire to have a positive impact on the lives of consumers and customers and to engage their employees in building the future of the company.

Having a clear purpose will outperform more traditional strategy development because it will help you unleash a passion to innovate in your organisation.

Audiences will walk away from this talk with the strategies that help them deploy collaborative, purpose-driven cultures based on innovation and the skills that drive creative thinking and agile growth mindsets. All of which reinforce the purpose-driven entrepreneurship required for scaleable success in business for the next decade.

This talk will provide audiences with learnings on:

  • How to build purpose-driven innovation cultures.
  • Insights around the globe on the success stories and failures.
  • Enhanced creative thinking and building that high-performing mindset built on your purpose.
  • Tools to develop a purpose-backed innovation.
  • Integrating Purpose with Scale-able Product Market-Fit and how not to lose your way.

Keynote Topic 2

Business in Today's World. How To Thrive.

Achieving business success is hard. It doesn't happen over-night and statistically 75% of businesses don't last 10years. So it's a rare feat, to actually achieve that ultimate business success. And if you are one of the few that make it through, you will have the skills to achieve pretty much anything.

If you think about it, business throws you into a ring with so many different variables. Anything from differing personalities, people with different goals, values, choices and priorities. All of which, challenges your ability to lead, meanwhile achieving the outcomes you want with your business.

What's more is in this age of hyper-technology we are faced with information over-load and therefore, with so much choice, we commonly get swayed from one strategy or approach to the next without deeply figuring out what works and what doesn't.

In 45minutes you will walk away with over a decade of business experience that will short-circuit your path to acheiving all you want as you invest in your own journey. - Tom Kooy

The culmination of this talk is a result of my own personal journey. I didn't always know how to manage 5 businesses, invest time & resources in others, meanwhile coaching & speaking to business owners in many different fields. But by living out the failures and successes, I built a system that helped me create measurable & sustainable results both in my life but importantly in the lives of others.

This keynote is built around 14 years of learned life & business experience, meanwhile taking the best insights & growth hacks from coaching some of Australia's & Asia Pacific's most successful & up and coming entrepreneurs.

Audiences will leave with strategies that help you think about your business and what is most important to you in making it a success based on what level you want to build it to. It will give you the systems & tools that you can apply in your business straight away, meanwhile, building clarity around the vision you have for yourself & your enterprise.

It's by unleashing these innovative tools within the world of your business, you will instil habits within you & your teams mind, that creates higher performance & profitability.

Tom's no-nonsense approach with expertise within the global arena of business, ensures audiences are educated, entertained and insprired with clear tools for action. Loved it!

Contact Tom to discuss your next talk - info@tomkooy.com

Tom is living in the trenches of innovative businesses daily. Having supported families and their business assets, helped teams & individuals maximise their performance & also journeyed with startups to 10x and above. Tom is one of the leading authorities in the Asia-Pacific on innovation, managing change and building high-performance in the face of uncertainty.

It's from this deep business expertise & global insight, which ensures he always is a catalyst to any audience seeking motivation and inspiration.

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