Coaching & Advisory


Close the Gap, from where you are, to where you want to be.


  • Performance & Leadership Coaching
  • Major Family Advisory & Coaching
  • Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EiR) / Tailored Programs & Workshops
  • Keynote Speaking & Facilitation (see 'Speaking' page)

Tom's speciality lies in creating value for technology & traditional companies.

Specifically, his niche focus and expertise lies with major family groups and their business assets.

In both venture, EiR roles and major family advisory, Tom helps his clients identify opportunities, which triggers and supports growth and the eventual goal of succession, meanwhile establishing/improving operational frameworks and overall team dynamics and performance.

His experience of working extensively with technology startups and major family groups has given him the skills required to quickly recognise and rapidly instil high-performing habits and the necessary family and business systems which supports value creation, innovation and greater legacy-based performance.

Typically, Tom is engaged on a project-by-project basis or for set-term contracts, either in a coaching capacity or for EiR roles.

There he provides tailored one-on-one and/or team coaching, advisory, specific project programs, workshops that achieves the deliverables set.

Over the years, Tom has had clients from a range of industries such as; wellness and fitness, investment banking, venture capital, mining, e-commerce, Saas technology, health-care, digital health, family offices, education, community groups and sporting teams.

Tom helps his clients;

  • engage with a clear vision to drive action (not just talking about action).
  • create purpose-driven innovation & product/project development plans that meet investment mandates (where applicable).
  • Identify opportunities & develop strategies that trigger & sustain growth within operational frameworks.
  • develop/execute strategic & tactical outcomes to troubleshoot friction points both on an operational & leadership level.

All of which bring about better purpose-driven performance.

The Coaching Process

— Step 1

Evaluate & Validate

Clarify & Conceptualise your Personal, Business and/or Project's Direction.

— Step 2


Setting personal & business action-plans. Applying 1st Principle Thinking & Accountability for the next 30, 60, 90 & 120 days.

— Step 3


Further Defining Direction, Fine Tuning Process & Gaining Momentum in the Actions Set.

— Step 4

Check in

Applying real world business & leadership perspectives to outcomes that are being achieved. Are you on track?

— Step 5

Feedback loop

What governance both personally & as a business needs to change to ensure that you're achieving the desired outcomes & having impact.

Who is coaching for?

Tom works with people who have the edge, who are results driven but know there's a gap between where they are and where they want to be.


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