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Driving High-Performance from Purpose.

Tom Kooy

My speciality lies in creating value, meanwhile, sustaining growth in traditional and technology companies and improving performance in leadership groups.

Typically, I am engaged either on a project-by-project coaching basis, for keynote speaking or as an Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EiR).

There, I provide advice from the board-room business decisions to operations by delivering tailored coaching, workshops & programs that identify value creation and innovation opportunities from within the organisation.

I also drive leadership development amongst teams and individuals instilling high-performance habits to achieve the project delivery outcomes set.

With 14 years of coaching, early-stage investment and business growth success across innovative technology start-ups and more traditional companies. I am all about delivering practical value and leveraging leading business insight to improve my client's lives.

Clients who engage my services are normally; executives/leaders seeking one-on-one coaching, major family groups, early-stage venture funds, multi-nationals looking to innovate or startups, having completed seed or later-stage series round financing.

Build High-Performance Habits to Drive Action & Innovation.

It is Tom's unique approach in coaching, entrepreneurship & strategy, which sets him apart. With a focus on the key areas of Purpose, Growth, Leadership & Impact.

Tom is committed to ensuring his clients build operational frameworks that instil those high-performance habits needed to drive innovative & profitable outcomes.

Portfolio of Ventures & Clients

Close the gap

from where you are, to where you want to be

Full of entertaining & thought-provoking insight, Tom speaks on:

  • How to Win at Business, Leveraging the Trends of Today.
  • Driving Action & High-Performance in Teams.
  • Maintaining Purpose as You Scale for Growth.
  • Creating a Culture of Innovation.

Get the leading insight, learn the start-up skills & apply innovative strategies that will help you lead your project, business and teams as you bridge the gap.

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