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Driving Profit from Purpose

Tom Kooy

As a seasoned venture coach, my specialty lies in venture advisory & as an entrepreneur-in-residence for a diverse range of high performing groups. Leveraging my expertise in entrepreneurship, investment, strategy development/execution & governance.

Over the last 12 years, I’ve invested both financially in businesses, and professionally, by coaching high performing individuals, teams and businesses, driving them to improved levels of growth & decision-making.

I have created, led and executed business, governance and leadership strategies in corporate teams and early-stage growth companies (with valuations of $3million or more). In all aspects of advisory, my focus is supporting their personal & professional pathway to growth, commercialisation and an eventual exit (where appropriate/applicable).

Typically, EIR clients of mine range from corporate innovators, family offices looking to create/invest in new ventures and startups/entrepreneurs scaling for growth.

Learn How to Plan & Navigate Your Business Journey

It is Tom's unique approach in coaching, early-stage advisory & business strategy, which sets him apart. With a focus on the key areas of Purpose, Growth, Leadership & Impact.

Tom is committed to ensuring his clients are prepared to lead their team & company towards the growth they want to see.

Close the gap

from where you are, to where you want to be

Full of entertaining & thought-provoking insight, Tom speaks on:

  • Maintaining Purpose as You Scale for Growth.
  • Social Innovation as the True Driver of Profit.
  • Developing Team-based High Performance.

Get the leading insight, learn the start-up skills & apply innovative strategies that will help you lead your business and teams as you bridge the gap between purpose & profit.

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