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Tom Kooy

My speciality lies in creating value and sustaining growth in traditional and technology companies, meanwhile, inspiring the lives of those within them.

Typically, I am engaged either on a project-by-project coaching or Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EiR) basis or as a keynote speaker.

There, I provide advice from the board-room to operations by delivering tailored programs and workshops that identify value creation opportunities from within the organisation. I also drive leadership development amongst teams and individuals instilling high-performance habits to achieve successful outcomes.

With 13 years of coaching, investment and business growth success across corporates, through to innovative technology start-ups. I have built businesses, invested in people and startups, which have delivered 10x returns, advised and coached high-performing individuals and spoken before thousands.

As a business practitioner, I am all about opening people's eyes to opportunity and creating value across life and business. All of which, drives sustainable action that delivers improved levels of performance, hustle, leadership and growth.

Build High-Performance Habits to Drive Action & Innovation.

It is Tom's unique approach in coaching, entrepreneurship & strategy, which sets him apart. With a focus on the key areas of Purpose, Growth, Leadership & Impact.

Tom is committed to ensuring his clients build operational frameworks that instil those high-performance habits needed to drive innovative & profitable outcomes.

Close the gap

from where you are, to where you want to be

Full of entertaining & thought-provoking insight, Tom speaks on:

  • How to Win at Business, Leveraging Trends of the Modern Age.
  • Driving Action & High-Performance in the Workforce of Today.
  • Maintaining Purpose as You Scale for Growth.
  • Innovate or Die.

Get the leading insight, learn the start-up skills & apply innovative strategies that will help you lead your project, business and teams as you bridge the gap.

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