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Tom Kooy

Tom is a recognised innovation and leadership coach, specialising in transformation and change management. His history of experience has ranged from managing change amongst major corporate systems, "purpose-backed" governance and driving product market fit in startup design, leading corporate innovation sprints (leveraging his expertise in Design Thinking & MIT.ulab) and advisory to various sized family and corporate businesses on innovation leadership & building legacy.

Additionally, Tom has the ability to successfully develop operational frameworks from an entire business system perspective, specifically around educational change and culture, at both an Executive and Departmental level.

Tom’s career background also involves support to executives through corporate and personal challenges and breakthroughs in a one-on-one coaching setting. Additionally, Tom has been successful in building teams and their ideas from scratch, leading lean and agile projects across Australia and Asia.

Other aspects include, leading and developing Boards, building investor relationships across technology organisations, as well as being a keynote speaker on innovation and leadership for industry conferences.

Portfolio of Ventures & Clients

Overcome Blind-Spots To Drive Action & Results.

From over a decade of experience, it is Tom's unique approach in entrepreneurship, innovation & systems-change that sets him apart. With a focus on the key areas of Purpose, Transformation, Leadership & Impact.

Tom drives capacity building programs on an executive & wider corporate level, which are the cornerstone for his clients, as they overcome disruptive challenges & create positive organisational change.

Close the gap

from where you are, to where you want to be

Full of entertaining & thought-provoking insight, Tom speaks on:

  • Innovating with Purpose.
  • Business in Today's World. How to Thrive.

Get the leading insight, learn the skills & apply the innovative strategies that will help you lead your change initiative, wider organisation and teams as you bridge the gap.

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